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My artwork over the years, it has improved over the years, and I have to thank everyone for giving me such great ideas!

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My Favorites from across DA!


[Minecraft] Rainy day in the city... by Yazur
by Yazur

Awesome Yazur! Just awesome! It kinda reminds walking around in the city in the middle of these rainstorms looking up into city seeing ...



Mezzalina City Minecraft by C-MaxisGR
Mezzalina City Minecraft
Pardon the toolbars etc etc, my Laptop has a very weird command issue and it interferes with Minecraft's so I had to take a printscreen of it.

Anyway! Time for some Lore!

Mezzalina City is the most holiest city constructed by the Arrogosiians, it holds most of their cultural history, but did you know during the Zecropolian Wars, the city was completely decimated, Tower of Arrog was demolished, and Mesa's Boulder was crushed.  This massive destruction of cultural sent massive shockwaves throughout the galaxy.  Following after the Zecropolian Wars much of Mezzalina City was demolished and rebuilt again, though the culture that was there couldn't be brought back entirely.  

It took the Arrogosiians many years rebuild their cultural significance back to it's former self, and even then it wasn't as great as it was before the War.  

Lore (c) Me
Screenshot (c) Mojang/Microsoft
The Drexfiend, The Koruscian, The Arrogossian by C-MaxisGR
The Drexfiend, The Koruscian, The Arrogossian
This was created late 2014 but managed to finish it was prolonging it for along time due to the many changes to the species. These species are found in the Chronicles, and serve minor to major impacts in the Galaxy.

Top Left: Drexfiend, or Drexels (plural), those infected with the Drexkoon Virus during the Drexkoon Outbreak of 2349 GRS became a necro-troglodyte that is able to pounce and rip it's target to shreds if not bite and infect called the Drexfiend, they were very dangerous to kill due to their agility and their death move which releases the Drexkoon Virus into the air around the corpse.

Upper Right: Koruscian (Core-Ree-she-ian), Koruscians (plural) , Native the aquatic world of Korus, the Koruscians are an avian/dolphin-like hybrid that are capable of building spaceships, building their cities deep underwater or above water, these species were also one of the oldest species as of 0 GRS.

Lower Left: Arrogossian (Arrow-goss-see-ian), Arrogossians (Plural) A near canine-like species native to the moon planet of Arrogosii V, they are a spiritual species that heavily believe in the Theocracy of Arrog, which is a god that saved the Arrogossians from their original world of Bellis by shooting "An Arrow Bridge that connected Bellis to the moon. Many people that come to Arrogosii V tend to find spiritual guidance, and or good luck. The Arrogossians never reveal their faces and have always remained like that since their arrival on the moon.

Anyway! These are the new species that are in the Chronicles Series, mainly for the Royal Family and Bounty Hunter Arcs!

Art, Characters © Me
Chronicles © Me
I know I have said this before, but the Chronicles have reached 200 pages. 

I really want to open up to everyone, but I get the feeling those that see it, will try to re-edit pages and or delete pages. So I'm at an impasse, open up the Chronicles to everyone, or keep it hidden from everyone and only let those I trust to see it. 

What is your opinion on this?
Finally updated my outdated DA icon here... Now for the Grumpy Adrian Icon! =D
The Republic Territory and her Planets w/ TrdRts by C-MaxisGR
The Republic Territory and her Planets w/ TrdRts
Here is the finally overdue Republic Territory with it's planets, and hyperspace lanes labeled, I was intended to add her sectors but it would made it too much and hard to see the names for the routes and planets, So in the next version it'll have her sectors along with others!

Now you may notice one thing, Every other planet in the Republic is labeled red but Omega X is labeled in black.  Well Omega X is the only "Neutral Planet" in the known civilized Galaxy.  It sits on the border of both The Torterran and Republic Territories.  Neither Territories want it and it's stability is questioned due to the conclusion of the Delotoiian Wars when the planet survived the star's expansion and supernova leaving the planet a shattering iceball.  

The Republic Territory's size is only thanks to the System Wars, when the Koruscian Empire and Oakutaruian Empire after being freed by the Republic gave them their territory and expanded the size dramatically.  The only "true Republic" space the Republic ever did colonize is Corporate Space and the Gullet Void.

Art and Lore (c) Me
Image (c) Google.Inc


Adrian Solanos
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Ctrl Z Stamp by Drake1 :iconimself-taught1plz::iconimself-taught2plz: :iconwatchmestmp1plz::iconwatchmestmp2plz:
:iconpleasefavorcommplz1::iconpleasefavorcommplz2: Stamp - GIMP Animated 1 by AnonymousLink Will it stop you? Hope not.. by ChikitaWolf I am a dragon by invisibledecoy Sleep is Overrated Stamp by Mirz123
Stamp: Dragon Fan by SD-DreamCrystal Las Vegas stamp by axalendra Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
I am Star Wars Geek, I have based my Republic on Star Wars, All rights to the Star Wars Franchise go directly to LucasArts and George Lucas himself. If your a Star Wars Geek like me than Rejoice!!

My new profile from :iconcreatormaxis:

:iconpissedmonkeyplz: :iconiwantbloodplz: :iconpetrifiedplz: :iconplanningplz:

If I address you by your avatar's name its by a formal way, I do respect people's name,

I am mainly a mixture of Traditional and Digital, my latest works have been done in Traditional and have been colored in Digtal. I do like to RP alot, I get alot of inspiration from my friends and the RP's we do! I may or not ask for requests, cause I am shy that way, unless I deeply know you alot! But you can ask requests, it will take time but I can do requests!
I tend to take care of my friends, and I will always be there, and I am always caring, but do something that angers me, and I'm not so forgiving, except for a few friends I know. But mostly I am nice and caring dragon!

My OC Family: I have an OC Family, in terms, 3 of which are mine, the other is on my GF Nani, Adrian, Haylin, Matthew and Yosryk. Adrian is my main OC and is also my Alter ego, he like me can be random, ranging from Happy to Sad, to excited to anger, he is literally my Alter-ego. He is a Tretstonian-Drago, the next generation of Intelonian Dragons. His wife, Haylin Solanos is a near human Novalian, he fell in love with her and eventually the two got married and settled down to make a family. Together they have 2 kids, Matthew Solanos the oldest is a 9 year old Youngling, he is adventurous and tends to get into trouble for attention purposes. Yosryk Solanos the youngest is an 8 year old Hatchling, that just returned to the family after being kidnapped by the Oltanian Emperor. He is more obedient and tends to follow the rules if given to him. He also tends to look out after his older brother Matthew to make sure he doesn't get into trouble, but usually he does get into trouble along with Yosryk.
Together my OC Family runs the Galactic Republic of Tretris, a massive organization located in the Whirlpool Galaxy, With Adrian and Haylin in charge they led the Republic into a golden age despite the Second Intergalactic War that is beating down their necks.

:heart::cuddle::heart: :iconc-maxisgr::iconhaylingr::heart::cuddle::heart:
My DA Family
My Big Bro: :iconchaosrenjin:
My Goo Bros: :iconchaosrenjin::icongooeythedragon:

My Caring Best Friend :iconwadejohnson22:
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---My Test Subjects---
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People who are Dead to me
These people made me so mad to the point they think they are better at things when in reality they are not, they are spoiled apathetic people that think they can move on in life feeling they can blame me for their actions. A simple sorry/forgive won't cover it nor a little conversation will do, these people are Dead to me no matter what.
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I know I have said this before, but the Chronicles have reached 200 pages. 

I really want to open up to everyone, but I get the feeling those that see it, will try to re-edit pages and or delete pages. So I'm at an impasse, open up the Chronicles to everyone, or keep it hidden from everyone and only let those I trust to see it. 

What is your opinion on this?

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